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  • Q.
    I am in love and before I commit to marriage, I want to understand if janam kundali matching will help both of us in understanding our compatibilities. Thank you.
  • A.

    You have posed an apparently simple question but then to answer the same is a very complex challenge.

    There are many criteria which rule the aspect of if a person should match the Kundali / Horoscope for marriage. Some of them are listed ahead:

    First and the foremost is the degree of faith one has in the process of matching of horoscopes or kundli online. If you are doing it just as a part of a formality. I would suggest that then in that case you better not get into it as you may land up liking the partner and if the astrologer says otherwise then you are in a fix. Further, as you do not have complete faith in the subject you are in a greater fix as you are not able to make up your mind up at all.

    It is very important to consult not only a learned Astrologer who is well experienced but also has a thorough understanding of relationships in the modern world. For instance, today’s girls are well educated, working and career oriented too. They cannot be expected to be the cows of the bygone days.

    There are always going to be certain areas which you will score well in comparing two Kundali while inn certain areas you may not score as well. It is here that the astrologer has a vital role to play. He should not be merely a person who sticks to the score of the total points scored out of the thirty six points. There are many a aspect in the kundali matching also which have become irrelevant in today’s modern times. He needs to take that into account.

    Further, he needs to realise well what are the main aspects which need to be taken into account and not compromised with. Small hiccups in the matching of the horoscope can be told to the couple well in advance and things can be sorted out by simple counselling. It is not only the score of the matching table that is important in order to come to a conclusion for a trained and experienced Astrologer but also studying the horoscopes of both the individual horoscopes of each of the couple is equally important.

    An Astrologer with a Holistic Approach is worth taking guidance from in case of Kundali Matching. It does work in most of the cases. In cases where you are not sure of either of the birth details of the boy or the girl do not venture into Kundali Matching.